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Eternal Sunshine of the Solar Panel

The social dynamics of residential solar panel use within a theoretical population are studied using a compartmental model. In this study we consider three solar power options commonly available to consumers: the community block, leasing, and buying. In particular we are interested in studying how social influence affects the dynamics within these compartments. As a result of this research a threshold value is determined, beyond vii which solar panels persist in the population. In addition, as is standard in this type of study, we perform equilibrium analysis, as well as uncertainty and sensitivity analyses on the threshold value. We also perform uncertainty analysis on the population levels of each compartment. The analysis shows that social influence plays an important role in the adoption of residential solar panels.

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MacKenzie Ginithan- University of South Dakota
Duber Gomez Fonseca- University of Houston Downtown
Daniel Lefevre- Virginia Tech
Sowmya Srinivasan- Bryn Mawr College
Barbara Urena- Arizona State University
Jose Flores- University of South Dakota