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HIV and Its Impact on the Infant Immune System

Many models have been developed which illustrate the interaction between the HIV virus and the immune system of adult individuals. However, limited work has been attempted in efforts to explain the interaction between HIV and an infant's immune system. In this study, we introduce a model that considers the dynamics between CD4+ T cells, CD8+ T cells, and the HIV virus. Analysis of the model gives rise to a threshold parameter, Ncrit, which is the critical number of new viruses produced by an actively infected CD4+ T cells. Numerical simulations are carried out, and sensitivity analysis is performed on Ncrit to illustrate the differences between the progression of HIV in infants as compared to that in adults.

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Antonio Buenrostro, San Diego State University
Katie Diaz, Columbia University
C. P. Gonzales, Arizona State University
Magdaliz Gorritz, University of Texas San Antonio