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Metapopulation Models with Age Structure

A principal aim of population biologists is to understand the role of intraspecific competition at the metapopulation level (populations of populations). We study the dynamics of a two-patch age-structured metapopulation model where the local (patch) intraspecific competition regimes are of the same type (scramble or contest) or mixed (scramble and contest) types. Metapopulations behave as single patch systems under the same competition regime whenever dispersal is symmetric and all local populations find themselves under contest competition regimes. However, multiple attractors are possible whenever a local patch is under scramble competition regime. The results of this research demonstrate that dispersal between patches, and age-structure provide an evolutionary advantage.

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Jermaine Baldwin, University of Chicago
Sherlyne Paret, SUNY Albany
Carlos A. Torre, Cornell University
Project supervisor: Abdul-Aziz Yakubu, Howard University and Cornell University