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HIV-1 Replication Rate

Antiviral drugs have been known to prolong the lives of HIV infected patients. However, it is still uncertain if antiviral drugs affect the rate of virion clearance, the loss of target cells, or both. In this study, we used mathematical models to measure the effects of a protease inhibitor on three infected patients. After analysis of this data, we were able to calculate the lifespans of free virions and infected cells. We found that the antiviral drug decreased not only the number of free virions in the plasma but also the loss of infected target cells. Although this antiviral drug is not a cure for this disease, it can provide insight into creating an effective treatment program for HIV patients.

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Michele J. Arias, University of California-Riverside
Erika T. Camacho, Wellesley College
Rafael B. Castillo, State University of New York-Stony Brook Delmy Iñiguez, University of California-Riverside
Eliel Melón, Universidad de Puerto Rico-Humacao
Luz E. Parra, Northern Arizona University